Cederberg 2017


Day: 5

Our last day in the Cederberg. To be honest with you I hate my last day here. I hate the feeling of leaving a place that I love the most.

Time and Kelle packed up and left early.

We woke up late and slowly made breakfast and then packed up.We took some last photos and took a slow drive out of the Cederberg. We met my parents and the rest of my family for lunch, before driving back to Cape Town. Every time I enter the Cederberg, it feels like I am coming home! It is just such another amazing feeling! Well, until next time

We will be back next year for Easter! We definitely can never stay away.


Cederberg 2017

Mount Ceder Resort


Day: 4

This morning we went to Mount Ceder Resort to get some contact with the outside world. The resort is the only place in the Cederberg, which has cell phone reception. We then drove to the “Stadsaal Caves and Bushman Paintings” rocks for a picnic lunch and we walked around for a bit. It is the most awesome place. I find it hard sometimes to describe the Cederberg! It has its own beauty.

After our picnic, we slowly drove back to Sanddrift in the late afternoon. Once we arrived back at the cottage, we opened up a few beers and watched the sunset, while the guys were getting the fire ready.

Cederberg Easter 2017


Day: 3

Wine tasting! Yes at 9:00 am.

The original time was 8:00 am and last year it was 8:30 am. Which usually shocks people, but it is normal for my family. So we got up early and drove to the farmhouse. The farmhouse is quite far from the cottages, so it would take a while to walk. Then we found out that the wine tasting only opens at 9:00 am. So we had to go back to the cottage grab something to eat and then headed back to the wine tasting. Let’s just say David got all excited when he saw us. Just to say one can get slightly tipsy if one is not careful.

Wine tasting!

The Wolfberg Cracks

The rest of the day we just relaxed. Ron and I went for a walk in the late afternoon. It was magical! Though beforehand we went to dress warmly. When then headed to my parent’s cottage for a braai. My family is totally insane! Later that evening, a few of us headed up to the Observatory to look at the stars. The Observatory is very interesting, but freezing at night! Once we got back to the cottages, we decided to just go to bed early.

Cederberg Easter 2017


Day: 2

This morning we woke up late, which was really nice to sleep in for a bit. We got up, dressed and had some breakfast. We then went to find my aunt and talk about the hike we were going to do. Though we spent most of the time talking to my cousin and admiring her baby Emily. She is so cute and chubby! A very happy baby. We decided to leave at 10:30 am. It was a quite late start, but it wasn’t that hot.

So we made some sandwiches, filled the water bottles up and packed the backpacks. Then we headed out to the Maltese Cross parking.  Wow! I finally hiked to the cross with my man. It is so incredible to hike and see the cross over the arisen. It was so amazing and I have done this hike a million times. The red rocks and the blue sky. The bushes, rocks, cedar trees and blue sky with the red rusty dusty sand.

After around two hours, we arrived at the cross. We met my Uncle Derek and my cousin Cameron. We had lunch and took some photos. Then we started to make our way back down. Even though both my knees were so bloody sore! Though I managed to hobble back down. We got back down at around 3:00 pm. Tim and Kelle were there when we arrived back at the cottages. While they unpacked and settled in, Kieron and I showered. Afterwards, we had a drink and chilled before we started our braai. Kieron made his awesome hamburgers. We had a chilled braai and watched the sunset on the Wolfberg Cracks. I adore this place! It is definitely my second home.

Cederberg Easter 2017

Day 1: 18/04/2017


The beginning of another adventure in the Cederberg. It felt so amazing coming “home” for the weekend. Ron took the day off and I managed to get off work at 4:00 pm. We planned to drive up with Tim and Kelle, but they decided to leave on Friday morning instead. So we drove up by ourselves. We stopped at our usually pitstop at Piketberg spur for dinner and we arrived in the Cederberg at around 10:00 pm. I found it really weird driving the passes at night. I usually drive the passes during the day.

We unpacked and then, we went to speak to my parents about the hike, we were meant to be hiking the next day. Since Tim and Kelle wouldn’t be joining us, we needed another hiking partner. Then we found out the Aunty Shan wanted to come along too. My uncle and Cameron wanted to meet us at the Maltese Cross on their way back from doing the Sneeuberg Hut Route. One way to meet the family members on top of a mountain, but that is the Pauls for you!

After speaking to the parents we continued unpacking and then we settled down for bed. It was really nice to spend the night alone, just the two of us.


Cederberg – 2016


Day 5

Today is Family Day and this is the day, we head back down off the mountain to Cape Town. I could seriously live here.  I have always considered this place my home away from home.

This morning we woke up to the sun shining. It was such a beautiful day and it was a pity we were leaving. We had a late breakfast with everyone and then slowly packed up to make our long drive home. Wish we could have stayed there longer, even if it is just for a week. I could sit on the grass and just watch the sun on the rocks all day. The feeling of freedom! The blue sky and red rocks, the peaceful environment. There is something that sometimes one can’t explain. There is always something more. I realised that we should be grateful for what we have in this world. The beauty that it has to offer us. There are so many avenues to explore.




Ron getting water from the spring.



Cederberg – 2016


Day 4

Easter Sunday! Now, we talking chocolate and hot cross buns and lots of it! I love Easter:) Though this year the rain decided to come in earlier. Thank goodness, we weren’t camping! This morning involved an Easter egg hunt and a late breakfast with everyone.Then after lunch, with the threatening of rain and it was started to get very cold. So Kieron and I decided to head off for a drive to Mount Ceder to try and get warm. 

Road to Mount Ceder

Road to Mount Ceder

DSCN4676 DSCN4677

Cederberg – 2016


Day 3

Saturday! Let’s say Easter Saturday, because it is the day before Easter Sunday, where we eat lots of chocolate eggs. But anyway today was mostly recovery for the hikers, in which my mother nearly killed all of the them! So my poor husband spends the day recovering. I mostly cycled and read. The view from the cottage, in which were we were staying. There are camp sites are amongst the shade of the trees on the right and the left. The camp site is mostly covered with grass and with a lawn with a jungle gym for the kids and a perfect amount of space to play different types of sports. The most popular I have noticed is cricket, rugby and volley ball. It makes the most perfect place.

My mom and I went for a cycle. I didn’t realise how unfit on a bike I was! Though it was so good to get out and do some exercise! Per bliss:)!

There are no words I can explain about this photo at the end of this post. You have to go there to experience the peace and beauty. Definitely I photographer and writer’s heaven for sure!

Cederberg – 2016


Day 2

The next morning everyone went hiking up the Wolfberg Cracks. Unfortunately I have knee problems and I wasn’t fit enough for the hike. So today I chilled and cycled until the hiking party returned. It was a beautiful day.

Wolfberg Cracks

Wolfberg Cracks


Easter – Cederberg 2016

I know I haven’t updated you on my adventures for a long time. I have been so busy! My lasted adventure has been our yearly tradition of going to the Cederberg every Easter. As you know I usually document every travel adventure. So it is better late than never.


This afternoon around midday, we packed up and headed off to Cederberg. We drove convoy with my parents and my sister and her boyfriend. We stopped at the Piketberg spur for lunch with the family. Then we headed up the pass together. I got a phoned call half way up the pass and it was the agency, saying that I would start my first job on the 5 April. So champagne was opened at dinner  to celebrate. It was an amazing feeling! We arrived at our cottages in the late afternoon. We unpacked and settled in. Then we had hamburgers for dinner. It was amazing to be in the outdoors, where one can finally see the stars and breath in fresh air. I love the Cederberg.

Sanddrift 2016