Saturday – Cederberg – Easter

A winding road

A winding road


Today was another chilled day. Sky was beautiful as always. The light blue sky on the red rocks was stunning! This is truly my home away from home.

My parents and Godfery left early this morning to go hiking for about 8 hours.

So the students (meaning Tam and I) started studying this morning and Lara and Sandy went off somewhere else. Goodness knows where.

Before lunch we went for a walk and then came across Lara and Sandy climbing mountains! They really have a habit of disappearing and climbing rocks and doing weird things.

Around midday we lunch with Shelia and Lara and Sandy which was left overs. Then it was back to the books by this time the wind had picked up and the clouds had come over so we had to go inside when our pages started blowing all over the place.

Around 2:00 pm which this time the hikers where meant to be back. Shelia came to us in our cottage and asked if we wanted to come with her to look for them. So we all jumped into her car and drove to Driehoek (Where they started out) and on the way it began to rain.

We waited and waited for them and when it started to storm it go quite worrying. I did not want to lose my parents to the mountain. I was losing my grandmother I didn’t want to lose my parents as well.

After a while we decided to leave a note on the car in a plastic bag and leave to go back to Sanddrift. While driving back we someone waving to us on the side of the road and it was Godfery so we slowed down and stopped the car so he could jump in. After bombarding him with questions he explained to us what happened. How they got down to far from where the car was parked so they had to catch a lift with someone. My mom was back at the cottages and my dad was been dropped off at the car park by this guy. So we just had to wait forever for my dad to drive up.

To cut the story short at long last we drove back to the cottage and met my mom and the girls. Then my mom explained exactly what happened.

That night we cracked another bottle of champagne, had soup and lit a nice warm fire.

Another adventure done and dusted. We never have a dull moment with the Pauls and the Normans.

Cederberg – Easter – 2013


Here is another adventure in the Cederberg with the crazy Paul and Norman Families.

We left Cape Town on Thursday afternoon and Tam Mangold came with us. I didn’t go to college today because I took my friend Kate Trench to the airport.

Anyway the Normans came with us as usual and they went ahead of us (very surprised) usually they leave an hour later than us.

We arrived in the late afternoon by going the long way round instead of going straight up the pass. We stayed at Standdrift in cottages this time, because the weather changes so quickly now a days. It was so good to be going home.
The sun on the rock formations make them turn red.

That night we settled into our cottage and went next door to the Norman’s for supper and the drinking begins.

I was home ūüėÄ

Wolfberg Cracks

Wolfberg Cracks


Cederberg Day 4


Last night was so horrible! The wind howled down the plains. I actually thought the tent would blow right off the ground! My hands were so cold! The wind died down a bit, enough for us to sleep a bit.

Tam and I woke up at 5:36 am in the morning needing the bathroom. So we ran there and hoping to spend some time there, until morning. We eventually decided to go back to the tent and got some shut eye.

We then woke up at 8:00 am. It was still bitterly cold, with the wind and everything. We managed to get the fire burning a bit.

The parents decided that after breakfast, that we will pack up and go home!:( It was not worth carrying on in the cold anymore.

I think we left the campsite about 11:00 am. It was raining and muddy going down the passes. I felt quite sad to be leaving, raining or not. The Cederberg is like my home to me. I love it there!

Had lunch at a Spur in Pikietberg (can’t spell it). I had ribs and it was so wonderful! Arrived home at just after 3:00 pm. Tam stayed for a while and her mom came to pick her up. We were all¬†tiered¬†and having your own bed is so much nicer, so she didn’t sleep over.

We had the lamb chops we were going to have in the Cederberg anyway for supper.

Well, it was an amazing adventure! I just want to go back now! I love the Cederberg with all my heart, much better than Cape Town.

I always have amazing adventures, now for the next one.

Cederberg Day 2


This morning we are leaving to hike to the Wolfberg Cracks. Last night it rained quite heavily, seriously it was quite scary.

Wow, this morning the clouds are clearing up and he rocks on the mountains are beautiful!:D

Just got back from the hike to the Cracks and have showered. The rocks were how I remembered, beautiful! The top looks like moonscape. We had to go up this crack and it was very narrow and quite scary! I had a panic attack. Godfery had to help us. There was so much rock scrambling.

We went up the narrow crack and had lunch on the top and went down a big Crack. I can’t really explain how detailed the rocks are. The path is zig zag up for about 2 hours, we hiked in total for 6 hours. I didn’t realise I was so unfit.

It did clear and the sky was blue with a bit of clouds dotted around.

Now the wind has picked up again and its going to get more windy and might rain again:( I really wish it wasn’t windy, its horrible! The fire is going, ready for supper to be cooked.

Everyone is sitting down playing Rummy Cub or reading by gas light. The full moon rose and it was so beautiful with a light cloud over it. I took  some awesome photos. It is really, really cold!

Tomorrow if it doesn’t rain my Dad and Godfery might go wine tasting and we might go and explore the river/find the river which might help first.

Tam and I are now in the tent, because it was so flippy cold! Nice holiday we having! Can’t even sit out without freezing to death!:( makes me unhappy.

I am praying the weather would be nice and behavior

The full moon

The Cederberg full moon

itself tomorrow.