Cederberg Easter 2017

Day 1: 18/04/2017


The beginning of another adventure in the Cederberg. It felt so amazing coming “home” for the weekend. Ron took the day off and I managed to get off work at 4:00 pm. We planned to drive up with Tim and Kelle, but they decided to leave on Friday morning instead. So we drove up by ourselves. We stopped at our usually pitstop at Piketberg spur for dinner and we arrived in the Cederberg at around 10:00 pm. I found it really weird driving the passes at night. I usually drive the passes during the day.

We unpacked and then, we went to speak to my parents about the hike, we were meant to be hiking the next day. Since Tim and Kelle wouldn’t be joining us, we needed another hiking partner. Then we found out the Aunty Shan wanted to come along too. My uncle and Cameron wanted to meet us at the Maltese Cross on their way back from doing the Sneeuberg Hut Route. One way to meet the family members on top of a mountain, but that is the Pauls for you!

After speaking to the parents we continued unpacking and then we settled down for bed. It was really nice to spend the night alone, just the two of us.


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