Cederberg Easter 2017


Day: 2

This morning we woke up late, which was really nice to sleep in for a bit. We got up, dressed and had some breakfast. We then went to find my aunt and talk about the hike we were going to do. Though we spent most of the time talking to my cousin and admiring her baby Emily. She is so cute and chubby! A very happy baby. We decided to leave at 10:30 am. It was a quite late start, but it wasn’t that hot.

So we made some sandwiches, filled the water bottles up and packed the backpacks. Then we headed out to the Maltese Cross parking.  Wow! I finally hiked to the cross with my man. It is so incredible to hike and see the cross over the arisen. It was so amazing and I have done this hike a million times. The red rocks and the blue sky. The bushes, rocks, cedar trees and blue sky with the red rusty dusty sand.

After around two hours, we arrived at the cross. We met my Uncle Derek and my cousin Cameron. We had lunch and took some photos. Then we started to make our way back down. Even though both my knees were so bloody sore! Though I managed to hobble back down. We got back down at around 3:00 pm. Tim and Kelle were there when we arrived back at the cottages. While they unpacked and settled in, Kieron and I showered. Afterwards, we had a drink and chilled before we started our braai. Kieron made his awesome hamburgers. We had a chilled braai and watched the sunset on the Wolfberg Cracks. I adore this place! It is definitely my second home.

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