National Art Gallery, Cape Town


This art gallery was built in the early 20th century. As one walks up the stairs, it kind of looms up in front of one. To ones right there is a pay kiosk  which you have pay an entrance fee for adults is R30 and students are R15 as well as for pensioners. This is for the up keep of the museum and the upkeep of the art that is permanently shown at the gallery.

So on Saturday morning I decided to go to the National Art Gallery, which happens to be in town. I think the last time I went there I was in High School.

Going through the gallery is like walking from one cave of wonders to another in one huge magnificent cave. For me the world opens up to me, because I know every piece of art has a meaning.

I love the old paintings with their huge wooden frames and painted with oil paint or even acrylic paint.  These paintings look so real like they had been photographed instead of artists taking hours to paint them.

Then there is the modern art, which I must admit some of it I personally wouldn’t call art at all. The thing is that if ones think about it art is a freedom of expression.

This is definitely a must see for everyone on educating themselves on Cape Town’s new and old art.