Wedding – Honeymoon 10-22 Jan 2016

12400829_10153344493681662_7464491515910478389_n 9/1/2016

Day 0

Let me start from the beginning. Saturday late afternoon I married my best friend, love of my life Kieron Thwaites. It was the most amazing day of my life! So technically my honeymoon started that evening. I knew where we were going on honeymoon, but I didn’t know the itinerary. So I first night on honeymoon was staying at the City Lodge (near Pinelands). He wanted to book the Vineyard but half of England was down in Cape Town for the South Africa vs England cricket tour. The City Lodge was really nice and fine with me. It was only for a night after all.


Day 1

We left the City Lodge after breakfast around 10:00 am. We then fulled up with petrol and pick up some bottled water. We then took the drive to Springbok for the night. We are driving in my Nissan Micra (Ron’s car broke down a week before the wedding).

1 thought on “Wedding – Honeymoon 10-22 Jan 2016

  1. Ronny’s Toyota broke down? How wonderful!!! I am so sorry I missed your wedding but so glad you had such an amazing day. I have never seen Ronny look that happy – EVER! I wish you and Kieron a lifetime of love and happiness – the happily every after from fairy-tales. Can’t wait to see you both again 😀

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