Durban – Christmas 2017

23 December 2017


We had to wake up early to catch our plane to Durban. My parents were kind enough to pick us up and drop us off at the airport. My parent’s style is drop off and go, they don’t stay and watch the plane take off. I suppose unless it is international. We decided to check in the slow lounge after we went through security. Even though we were getting breakfast on the plane, we decided to have some food. First breakfast as my husband calls it.

It was fantastic to sit in the lounge and watching the planes take off. I will I could travel forever! We eventually boarded for our 2-hour flight to Durban. It is weird because I have always had family in Durban, would it be first cousins to second cousins to parents-in-law. Durban is definitely apart of me.

When we landed the heat just hits one! From cool weather in Cape Town to Durban humidity! Once we were picked up from the airport, we went shopping for a few things in Kloof. We then eventually went to my parents-in-law’s house and unpacked and we chilled for the rest of the day.

We had to get up early the next morning, well one doesn’t really have a choice because the sun gets up earlier there than in Cape Town.

The adventure will be continued……

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