Cederberg Day 1 Easter Weekend

Cederberg sunset on the mountains

Cederberg sunset on the mountains

Over looking more mountains

Over looking more mountains

Camp all set up

The Camp

The full moon coming up

The full moon coming up


This about another adventure of mine. This time it was during the Easter weekend which happened early this year.

I left for the Cederberg for Easter. We left home about 10:00 am to got to some friends who where joining us the Normans, but we left an hour later at around 11:00 am. The Normans left later than us.

After a couple of hours we arrived at this campsite called Kliphuis on the farm called Draasivee. We usually stay at the Sanddrift camp but that was full.

This campsite was quite sandy. We pitch the tents, which took a while and sat up camp. The Normans came an hour later.

The Cederberg is beautiful. We saw the sun set on the rocks and they go from yellow, orange to red.

The clouds started to build up and the rain came and it thundered and lighting for a bit. There are still clouds in the sky and the there is still a threat of rain, but it’s not as humid as it was earlier.

Everyone is getting settled in and the braai is light and it just we just have to wait for the food to be cooked. We having hamburgers for supper and salad. Sandy and Lara are playing cards by torchlight and Tammy is reading.

Until tomorrow and hopefully we will be able to go hiking up the Wolfberg Cracks.

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