Cederberg – 2016


Day 3

Saturday! Let’s say Easter Saturday, because it is the day before Easter Sunday, where we eat lots of chocolate eggs. But anyway today was mostly recovery for the hikers, in which my mother nearly killed all of the them! So my poor husband spends the day recovering. I mostly cycled and read. The view from the cottage, in which were we were staying. There are camp sites are amongst the shade of the trees on the right and the left. The camp site is mostly covered with grass and with a lawn with a jungle gym for the kids and a perfect amount of space to play different types of sports. The most popular I have noticed is cricket, rugby and volley ball. It makes the most perfect place.

My mom and I went for a cycle. I didn’t realise how unfit on a bike I was! Though it was so good to get out and do some exercise! Per bliss:)!

There are no words I can explain about this photo at the end of this post. You have to go there to experience the peace and beauty. Definitely I photographer and writer’s heaven for sure!

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