Easter – Cederberg 2016

I know I haven’t updated you on my adventures for a long time. I have been so busy! My lasted adventure has been our yearly tradition of going to the Cederberg every Easter. As you know I usually document every travel adventure. So it is better late than never.


This afternoon around midday, we packed up and headed off to Cederberg. We drove convoy with my parents and my sister and her boyfriend. We stopped at the Piketberg spur for lunch with the family. Then we headed up the pass together. I got a phoned call half way up the pass and it was the agency, saying that I would start my first job on the 5 April. So champagne was opened at dinner  to celebrate. It was an amazing feeling! We arrived at our cottages in the late afternoon. We unpacked and settled in. Then we had hamburgers for dinner. It was amazing to be in the outdoors, where one can finally see the stars and breath in fresh air. I love the Cederberg.

Sanddrift 2016


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