Wellington – New Zealand

New Adventure

31 February 2019

I guess I should update you on what is going on. Kieron and I moved to Wellington, New Zealand. I must admit it is a huge step for starting over. We know no-one in Wellington. I have been here a week and I am still amazed. Bus and trains run on time and yes, they do have there ups ad downs, but at least they not torched. We staying in a hostel at the moment. It is a not the greatest place for a couple. They are immature people and can be so annoying. I can’t wait to move into our own place. First, I need a job somewhere.

My problem is that I know my passion, but it cost money to get there. I would love to get into a place, which writes brochures. Though I might have to have journalism. I will have to see. Anyway, enough of me going on and on. Let me tell you about my adventure.

I left Cape Town on 31 Jan 2019. My mom was crying and then she sent me off. I checked my luggage all the way through and got three boarding passes.

Next stop Joburg! I flew British Airways and they managed to get my gluten free meal right! I had two extra sets for myself, which was lovely. I enjoyed my flight. After 2 hrs I arrived in Joburg and met our friend Cathy for a drink. It was so nice to see her and catch! (I had a quite a bit of wine on that trip). We can’t afford much alcohol at the moment.

Anyway, Cathy pointed me in the right decoration to the International. I definitely remembered it from all the international flying I did. We waited for quite a while to board Qantas and it took forever. We were 45 mins delayed before take off because we were waiting for other planes to take off. Experienced a typic Joburg highveld thunderstorm.

I would highly recommend Qantas! It was a long flight but comfortable and I actually slept on the plane and watched lots of movies.

I really thought I would late be catching my connecting flight to Wellington, but I wasn’t. Once I landed in Sydney, I went through hectic security. Once I was done with that, I explored Sydney airport. Wow! Is all I have to say. After a few hours of exploring and sitting for a bit. We could board the plane. Also, very nice food and they remembered my gluten free meal. Food, wine and movies.

The plane landed at 11:45 pm and by the time I got through customs and passport control and baggage claim it was after midnight! It was so good to see Kieron again after 5 months of Skyping. Welcomed New Zealand 2 February 2019!  

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