Europe 2014


Day 1

On the 19 June 2014 at 19:45 pm I flew from Cape Town to London, Heathrow for another adventure. It was probably was one of my longest 11 hour flights I had to face. The reason being is and it may sound soppy and unprofessional but I had to say goodbye to Kieron for three weeks. My tears seem to start the day before but when it came to saying goodbye to him before I had to go through security that was very emotional and the most hardest thing I had to do. As we were waiting to board the plane I began to cry again until I was told to stop because people were starting to stare at me!

Don’t get me wrong I was excited but the thought that I was leaving him behind broke my heart even though it was only for 3 weeks. Kieron did give me his Sharks cap to take with me while I was away. I held that cap the whole way to London. I can say that cap has been through 4 different countries:)

I am quite emotional after all!

Don’t worry the adventure gets better. Next stop London and then Athens!

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