Egypt Day 6

Temple of Horus at Edfu

Temple of Horus at Edfu


This morning we work up early to go and see the Edfu Temple at Esna. Well, it is called the Temple of Horus at Edu. Edu is not a nice town one gets a bad feeling from. We took a horse and carrage ride and the horses weren’t looked after and the driver all in wanted was money. Omar (our guide) had a argument with him. Once inside the temple it was beautiful. I would so love to become a tour guide in Egypt just to tell me people about the fantastic history of the country. That tour was in the morning, which did take a while and our boat nearly left us  behind! It was kind of interesting.

This afternoon after lunch we went to see guess what? Another town called Kom Ombo to see another temple which is called Ptolemaic Temple at 4:30 pm (the sun sets around about this time). Tonight is dinner abd the Egyptian-style party. I hate dressing up.

Just got back from seeing, yes another temple! Called Kom Ombo Temple, which was a small temple, thank goodness! All I want to is sleep! Last day of touring! I can’t wait ot just do nothing.

Just had supper, it was very good. Egyptian food is awesome! A lot of people have dressed up which to me is a little pointless, but anyway. I write more soon and put up some photos later.

Eygpt Day 5 A relaxed day & might have seen a temple

Me relaxing on the boat down the Nile


Today we just relaxed or I can’t remember what else we did, its kind of a mystrey. Tomorrow is a party where we can dress up at a Egyptian. Its starts at 8:30 pm and there is a cocktail party before hand. I find a cocktail party kind of pointless because I don’t drink much and I find them rather boring.

After supper we all we up on deck and we watch our boar going through the lock, which was really interesting. But it got really cold after a while been up on deck. We waited forever for our boat to go through, because we were all in a queue and we had to wait for the other boats to go through the lock.

Then we decided to go back down to our cabins because it was cold and we have to go touring the next day.

Well, I will tell you all about it later.

Egypt 4

Luxor, Karnak Temple

Here are some more photos of my day 4 in Egypt of the begining of the adventure on the Nile (Agatha Christie wrote Murder on the Nile)….

Giant statues of Amenhotep III