Kalk Bay


So on Sunday I needed a day off from studying because seriously if I didn’t have a break I would burn myself out before exams have even started.

So Kieron said he would take me to Kalk Bay since I really wanted to go. We where going to Kalkies but it was packed with people so we went to the Brass Bell instead (To be honest I have never been there until yesterday before). Okay, that is kind of embarrassing. Oh, and parking was a bit of a mission but we managed to get one.

Then after lunch we walked around the shops and then ended up driving to Fish Hoek to walk along the beach (mean while it was high tide). Lovely how I got slashed by a wave and all one hear is a shriek coming from me. Gosh I screamed loudly, just to embarrass myself.

It was such an awesome day of just chilling and no stressing about work.

That was just a day trip. Here is to the next one with 1 girl travelling the world with her laptop and 2 dirty socks.

Kalk Bay

Kalk Bay


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