Wedding – Honeymoon 10-22 Jan 106


Day 13

This morning Kieron drove out of the camp to a garage to put petrol in and I picked up some drinks. Then I took over and drove through the border. It was cloudy in Springbok (I have never seen Springbok cloudy and looking like rain in my life before). Basically the whole of the Northern Cape was raining and one couldn’t see in front of one. It was really scary! Also Citrusdal was worse. It was so stormy and I have never seen trucks driving so slowly with their hazard lights on.

I trusted Ron’s driving and we (everyone) was driving very slowly. He has very good driving skills. Once we were out of the pass it was sunny all the way home. Though we got home in 12 hours instead of 6 hours.

It was an awesome adventure. I would never forget in a hurry:)

Me in Namibia and South Africa

Me in Namibia and South Africa


Longest train in the world

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