Cederberg Day 4


Last night was so horrible! The wind howled down the plains. I actually thought the tent would blow right off the ground! My hands were so cold! The wind died down a bit, enough for us to sleep a bit.

Tam and I woke up at 5:36 am in the morning needing the bathroom. So we ran there and hoping to spend some time there, until morning. We eventually decided to go back to the tent and got some shut eye.

We then woke up at 8:00 am. It was still bitterly cold, with the wind and everything. We managed to get the fire burning a bit.

The parents decided that after breakfast, that we will pack up and go home!:( It was not worth carrying on in the cold anymore.

I think we left the campsite about 11:00 am. It was raining and muddy going down the passes. I felt quite sad to be leaving, raining or not. The Cederberg is like my home to me. I love it there!

Had lunch at a Spur in Pikietberg (can’t spell it). I had ribs and it was so wonderful! Arrived home at just after 3:00 pm. Tam stayed for a while and her mom came to pick her up. We were all tiered and having your own bed is so much nicer, so she didn’t sleep over.

We had the lamb chops we were going to have in the Cederberg anyway for supper.

Well, it was an amazing adventure! I just want to go back now! I love the Cederberg with all my heart, much better than Cape Town.

I always have amazing adventures, now for the next one.

Cederberg Day 3


It is still raining and cold. You occasionally see the sun and a batch of blue sky. If one runs around and does other activities then you are fine.

I am now going wine tasting with my Dan and Godfery. The scenary is beautiful. There were so many at reception we decided to go back later. We now going down to Sanddrift for a drive and something to do. It is much warmer down there! I don’t mind the cold and rain to a certain extent but not all the time.

We going back to wine tasting at 2:00 pm. I think it’s slightly lifting. Had lunch then went wine tasting at Draasivee.

There were so many people in the cellar and David the owner was pouring us wine and talking to us. Then something amazing happened the sun came out from behind the clouds! It’s slowly lifting, hopefully. I am hoping to go to Stutessal Rocks tomorrow.

These are rock formations, in which the wind has blown into different shapes. There are rock San paintings as well in over hangings and small caves. The red and orange stone. It is so amazing in the blue sky and red stone.

Once we were back from the farm house, the fire was ready to go and we were making tea. We light the fire and my Dad and Godfery went to find dead trees (branches) for fire wood.

It was so bloody cold and windy and raining.

I had 3 cups of hot chocolate during 2 days, since I usual have 1 cup!

Let’s see if the weather holds until tomorrow.

Sanddrif reception, Cederberg and wine tasting

Sanddrif reception, Cederberg and wine tasting

Walking towards the cellars

Walking towards the cellars

The river near we camped

The river near we camped



Cederberg Day 2


This morning we are leaving to hike to the Wolfberg Cracks. Last night it rained quite heavily, seriously it was quite scary.

Wow, this morning the clouds are clearing up and he rocks on the mountains are beautiful!:D

Just got back from the hike to the Cracks and have showered. The rocks were how I remembered, beautiful! The top looks like moonscape. We had to go up this crack and it was very narrow and quite scary! I had a panic attack. Godfery had to help us. There was so much rock scrambling.

We went up the narrow crack and had lunch on the top and went down a big Crack. I can’t really explain how detailed the rocks are. The path is zig zag up for about 2 hours, we hiked in total for 6 hours. I didn’t realise I was so unfit.

It did clear and the sky was blue with a bit of clouds dotted around.

Now the wind has picked up again and its going to get more windy and might rain again:( I really wish it wasn’t windy, its horrible! The fire is going, ready for supper to be cooked.

Everyone is sitting down playing Rummy Cub or reading by gas light. The full moon rose and it was so beautiful with a light cloud over it. I took  some awesome photos. It is really, really cold!

Tomorrow if it doesn’t rain my Dad and Godfery might go wine tasting and we might go and explore the river/find the river which might help first.

Tam and I are now in the tent, because it was so flippy cold! Nice holiday we having! Can’t even sit out without freezing to death!:( makes me unhappy.

I am praying the weather would be nice and behavior

The full moon

The Cederberg full moon

itself tomorrow.

Egypt Day 13


Had breakfast which must be about 6:00 am since we got woken up about 5:00 am. I honestly can’t remember the time, I was so tired but I did manage to sleep on the plane, which was amazing!

Our flight from Johannesburg to Cape Town on BA was at 12h50 and land at 15h00 pm. Which were at bit late to land in Cape Town. We also had a woman pilot. The flight was full of annoying kids. I did finish reading my book on the return home.

Uncle Rupert and Uncle Clive came to pick us up in Cape Town. Oh, and our luggage wasn’t lost from Sharm to Johannesburg, because it was on the same airline but domestic to International on Egyptair. So far some odd reason wasn’t lost. If we did lose our luggage, we would have gotten a clothes allowance to go and buy new clothes.

This Egypt holiday is one adventure I will not forget in a hurry! A brilliant and interesting holiday.

So I must say goodnight now.

I will be back posting more of my adventures and trust me there are so much more to come!!

Egypt Day 12

Sun set over the town

Sun set over the town

Another sun set

Another sun set


Today we had a long wait. Had a late breakfast, went snorkeling in the sea. Which I finally managed, not mad about it. The fish are beautiful. We had to get out of our rooms by 12.00 pm, so we all grouped in my parents room, which we had to get out at 2.00 pm but just pay 50 pounds extra. We then packed up and put our bags at reception. Had a late lunch and then hanged around and read until about 7:00 pm, when our agent picked us up to take us to the airport in Sharm. It was an hour flight to Cairo.

Then we had to wait about another hour or so. Our plane left at 23h30 pm to Johannesburg. Well it only left about 12:00 pm and had supper at 1:00 am in the morning and was woken up at 5:00 am to have breakfast.

We only land at 8:30 am.


Last evening in Egypt

Last evening in Egypt

Sun set in Sharm

Sun set in Sharm

Waiting to go

Waiting to go

Egypt Day 11


Camel ridding

Awesome pizza!

Awesome pizza!

Me on a camel

Me on a camel

Camel shadows

Camel shadows


This morning we went snorkeling in the sea. I was kind of scared, but sore some fish which were beautiful! Had lunch in which I had a pizza which is very nice. Actually they were amazing!! Later in the afternoon about 4.00 pm, my mom and I went for a camel ride. Which was an experience of a life time.

The hotel took us to the edge of a freeway. Where we got on two camels each, lead by a guide. One got the freeway and then the desert, so the camels where at the edge of the desert. The guide lead us to a Badawin camp for an experience which they offered tourists like us tea and some traditional bread. Then as we were ridding back the sun was setting.

It felt very sad to have our last supper and pudding. Tomorrow we are leaving , to go home.

Egypt Day 10

Swimming in the Red Sea

Swimming in the Red Sea

Sun set in Sharm

Sun set in Sharm


Yesterday morning after breakfast we went for a walk in the town which is also got lots of tourist resorts. All the hotels are packed next to one another. It was horrible! Well, for lunch we went to a McDonald’s, which tasted horrible!

Then in the afternoon we went back for swimming and now I have blisters on my toe.

Egypt Day 9


Merry Christmas! Today has been quite a nice day. Woke up around 8:00 am, well my mom woke us up, Quickly opened our prezzies (Or else we would be late for breakfast), which were books. Got the book I wanted. Then we went down for breakfast, which was awesome is the only way to describe the food. You have to go there to experience the food  for oneself. Afterwards we went on a glass bottom boat while Graeme went diving, saw loads of fish and took lots of photos and then Lara and I went swimming in the pool, which was lovely and warm. Mom came later. We then had some cake for tea, which I think was fruit/Christmas cake, not to sure.

Then after lunch my Mom, Lara and I went to swim in the Red Sea, which was awesome!!  It was so nice and warm. Afterwards I had a shower and took some photos of the sun set and city lights in the distances.

Somethings are never far from home and that is the little things that buzz around one and bite you called mosquitoes! The joy of life. Then I got burnt this morning on my right side of my body, which is really weird. It was quite surprising that the sun is quite strong.

That is it until tomorrow.

Egypt Day 8

Hotel Sof1tel, Sharm

Hotel Sof1tel, Sharm


Today is Christmas Eve! And soon we will be going to Christmas Eve supper. I actually wish I was home for Christmas with my cousins, aunt, uncle and my Gran. It doesn’t feel like Christmas here in Egypt at all! This morning was long with having  to catch both flights. One from Aswan to Cairo and Cairo to Sharm El Sheikh. In a way I am so glad in a few days I will be home! It is weird with Omumaha not around. After lunch we went for a walk on the beach, the sand is so different. Also to check out a price for Graeme to go diving and Lara to horse ride. I have decided I am not going to anything, but just relax these few days and do a few gym work outs!

Supper was awesome!! Had turkey and pudding!:D Everything was so good and there was so much food!! I ate as much as I could. Every girl got even a red rose at the cocktail party before hand. It was beautiful!!