Egypt Day 13


Had breakfast which must be about 6:00 am since we got woken up about 5:00 am. I honestly can’t remember the time, I was so tired but I did manage to sleep on the plane, which was amazing!

Our flight from Johannesburg to Cape Town on BA was at 12h50 and land at 15h00 pm. Which were at bit late to land in Cape Town. We also had a woman pilot. The flight was full of annoying kids. I did finish reading my book on the return home.

Uncle Rupert and Uncle Clive came to pick us up in Cape Town. Oh, and our luggage wasn’t lost from Sharm to Johannesburg, because it was on the same airline but domestic to International on Egyptair. So far some odd reason wasn’t lost. If we did lose our luggage, we would have gotten a clothes allowance to go and buy new clothes.

This Egypt holiday is one adventure I will not forget in a hurry! A brilliant and interesting holiday.

So I must say goodnight now.

I will be back posting more of my adventures and trust me there are so much more to come!!

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