Cederberg Day 4


Last night was so horrible! The wind howled down the plains. I actually thought the tent would blow right off the ground! My hands were so cold! The wind died down a bit, enough for us to sleep a bit.

Tam and I woke up at 5:36 am in the morning needing the bathroom. So we ran there and hoping to spend some time there, until morning. We eventually decided to go back to the tent and got some shut eye.

We then woke up at 8:00 am. It was still bitterly cold, with the wind and everything. We managed to get the fire burning a bit.

The parents decided that after breakfast, that we will pack up and go home!:( It was not worth carrying on in the cold anymore.

I think we left the campsite about 11:00 am. It was raining and muddy going down the passes. I felt quite sad to be leaving, raining or not. The Cederberg is like my home to me. I love it there!

Had lunch at a Spur in Pikietberg (can’t spell it). I had ribs and it was so wonderful! Arrived home at just after 3:00 pm. Tam stayed for a while and her mom came to pick her up. We were all tiered and having your own bed is so much nicer, so she didn’t sleep over.

We had the lamb chops we were going to have in the Cederberg anyway for supper.

Well, it was an amazing adventure! I just want to go back now! I love the Cederberg with all my heart, much better than Cape Town.

I always have amazing adventures, now for the next one.

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