Egypt Day 9


Merry Christmas! Today has been quite a nice day. Woke up around 8:00 am, well my mom woke us up, Quickly opened our prezzies (Or else we would be late for breakfast), which were books. Got the book I wanted. Then we went down for breakfast, which was awesome is the only way to describe the food. You have to go there to experience the food  for oneself. Afterwards we went on a glass bottom boat while Graeme went diving, saw loads of fish and took lots of photos and then Lara and I went swimming in the pool, which was lovely and warm. Mom came later. We then had some cake for tea, which I think was fruit/Christmas cake, not to sure.

Then after lunch my Mom, Lara and I went to swim in the Red Sea, which was awesome!!  It was so nice and warm. Afterwards I had a shower and took some photos of the sun set and city lights in the distances.

Somethings are never far from home and that is the little things that buzz around one and bite you called mosquitoes! The joy of life. Then I got burnt this morning on my right side of my body, which is really weird. It was quite surprising that the sun is quite strong.

That is it until tomorrow.

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