Egypt Day 8

Hotel Sof1tel, Sharm

Hotel Sof1tel, Sharm


Today is Christmas Eve! And soon we will be going to Christmas Eve supper. I actually wish I was home for Christmas with my cousins, aunt, uncle and my Gran. It doesn’t feel like Christmas here in Egypt at all! This morning was long with having  to catch both flights. One from Aswan to Cairo and Cairo to Sharm El Sheikh. In a way I am so glad in a few days I will be home! It is weird with Omumaha not around. After lunch we went for a walk on the beach, the sand is so different. Also to check out a price for Graeme to go diving and Lara to horse ride. I have decided I am not going to anything, but just relax these few days and do a few gym work outs!

Supper was awesome!! Had turkey and pudding!:D Everything was so good and there was so much food!! I ate as much as I could. Every girl got even a red rose at the cocktail party before hand. It was beautiful!!


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