Cederberg Day 2


This morning we are leaving to hike to the Wolfberg Cracks. Last night it rained quite heavily, seriously it was quite scary.

Wow, this morning the clouds are clearing up and he rocks on the mountains are beautiful!:D

Just got back from the hike to the Cracks and have showered. The rocks were how I remembered, beautiful! The top looks like moonscape. We had to go up this crack and it was very narrow and quite scary! I had a panic attack. Godfery had to help us. There was so much rock scrambling.

We went up the narrow crack and had lunch on the top and went down a big Crack. I can’t really explain how detailed the rocks are. The path is zig zag up for about 2 hours, we hiked in total for 6 hours. I didn’t realise I was so unfit.

It did clear and the sky was blue with a bit of clouds dotted around.

Now the wind has picked up again and its going to get more windy and might rain again:( I really wish it wasn’t windy, its horrible! The fire is going, ready for supper to be cooked.

Everyone is sitting down playing Rummy Cub or reading by gas light. The full moon rose and it was so beautiful with a light cloud over it. I took  some awesome photos. It is really, really cold!

Tomorrow if it doesn’t rain my Dad and Godfery might go wine tasting and we might go and explore the river/find the river which might help first.

Tam and I are now in the tent, because it was so flippy cold! Nice holiday we having! Can’t even sit out without freezing to death!:( makes me unhappy.

I am praying the weather would be nice and behavior

The full moon

The Cederberg full moon

itself tomorrow.

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