Saturday – Cederberg – Easter

A winding road

A winding road


Today was another chilled day. Sky was beautiful as always. The light blue sky on the red rocks was stunning! This is truly my home away from home.

My parents and Godfery left early this morning to go hiking for about 8 hours.

So the students (meaning Tam and I) started studying this morning and Lara and Sandy went off somewhere else. Goodness knows where.

Before lunch we went for a walk and then came across Lara and Sandy climbing mountains! They really have a habit of disappearing and climbing rocks and doing weird things.

Around midday we lunch with Shelia and Lara and Sandy which was left overs. Then it was back to the books by this time the wind had picked up and the clouds had come over so we had to go inside when our pages started blowing all over the place.

Around 2:00 pm which this time the hikers where meant to be back. Shelia came to us in our cottage and asked if we wanted to come with her to look for them. So we all jumped into her car and drove to Driehoek (Where they started out) and on the way it began to rain.

We waited and waited for them and when it started to storm it go quite worrying. I did not want to lose my parents to the mountain. I was losing my grandmother I didn’t want to lose my parents as well.

After a while we decided to leave a note on the car in a plastic bag and leave to go back to Sanddrift. While driving back we someone waving to us on the side of the road and it was Godfery so we slowed down and stopped the car so he could jump in. After bombarding him with questions he explained to us what happened. How they got down to far from where the car was parked so they had to catch a lift with someone. My mom was back at the cottages and my dad was been dropped off at the car park by this guy. So we just had to wait forever for my dad to drive up.

To cut the story short at long last we drove back to the cottage and met my mom and the girls. Then my mom explained exactly what happened.

That night we cracked another bottle of champagne, had soup and lit a nice warm fire.

Another adventure done and dusted. We never have a dull moment with the Pauls and the Normans.

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