Egypt Day 2




I was saying to myself all day OMG I actually saw the Pyramids and the Sphinx! It was so amazing just like in photos one sees in travel magazines. We also went to see the Egyptian Museum. It all feels like a dream. This morning we all got up at early (not sure of the time, but probably around 7:00 am), went downstairs to breakfast , which I must point out was amazing they have so much better food. Then we met our tour guide at 8:00 am to go and see the Pyramids. It was such an interesting tour and you must see the photos I have, I took loads!

Before lunch we were taken too a place which selled perfumes and essances. This was very interesting as the perfume which is found in the shop in the essance which is export to Paris, France is actually from Egypt. There were so many different smells of essance that attract different people. The next stop was a a clothing shop that sells cotton clothing. We all bought t-shirts there. Out last stop we went to a papyrus shop where we were shown and told how the Egyptians made papyrus. We all bought bookmarks for ourselves and for presants for our friends too. At lunch time we went to this Egyptian take away place which selled these delisous shawarmas, seriously never tasted anything this good. This lunch was on the way to the Egyptian Museum. The museum was huge! But I must admit it was cold and a lot of people. By this time it was late in the afternoon so my sister and I were getting tierd. The was one room where one could go and see the mummys but one had to pay to see them. It wasn’t really worth it and I wasn’t too sure it I wan’t to see one anyway. Very creepy!

We got back to hotel late and just decided to dump out bags in our hotel rooms and go down to supper. I can’t help but telling you over and over again that the food was so good. You will have to go to Egypt one day to see what I mean.

Tomorrow morning we are going to Luxor and hoping it is a bit better that Cairo. So I had to pack the night before Cairo is just one noisy city with the Nile running throught it. Don’t get me wrong there are some beauitful building, art work and culture, so one musn’t skip out the city altogether its worth seeing!

It still feels like a dream that I am here.

I will post some photos once I got the hang of this travel blog thing.

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