WAS AMAZING! But lets start from the very begining shall we? To me this is an adventure of a life time I wont forget in a hurry! Hope you enjoy.

On the 16 December 2010 my family and I left Cape Town International Airport at 11:30 am and our plane to Johannesurg meant to have left at 2:00 pm, but of course it got delayed so we only left Cape Town at 2:30 pm and arrived in Johannesburg at 4:30 pm. This was only the begining.

We then met friends at the airport (who lived in Joburg) for a drink and snacks because our flight on Egyptair to Cairo was only leaving at 21:45 pm and this also ran slightly late. We then only got served supper at 11:00 pm and then it was trying to get to sleep was the next problem, which proved to be difficult. Then they woke us up at 4:00 am for breakfast and since it was still dark I couldn’t eat much. Who can eat breakfast at 4:00 am in the morning? Please tell me that.

Let me tell you something before I let you into my Egypt adventure. It was pretty scary for me to go through customes, those men in black uniforms can turn you alway at anytime. (Its a long story, maybe I will tell you about it some other time). Anyway once we arrived in Cario, we were met at the airport by our personal tour guide/groundhandler who waited with us to collect our bags for us. I found it very strange letting someone else handle my bag for me. Afterwards we drove to our 4 star hotel and checked it. By 9:30 am, after we had unpacked we were all so hungry so we went downstairs and had breakfast at the hotel’s restaurants. Then we went back upstairs to get some sleep as we were going to to see the Sound and Light show at the pyramids that evening. The rest of that day was at our leisure.

Lunch was a very interesting affair. We went to find this corner cafe after walking around forever. It was Friday and some places were closed. (One thing about Egypt there Saturdays are there Sundays a day were most places close). So lunch I had a packed of chips, an Egyptain maribiscuit (to be honest tastes so much better over there than here), some water and a cup of tea. Not a really healthy lunch. My parents descided that we would have supper after we got back from the Sound and Light show.

Let me tell you a little bit about Cairo, I personally didn’t like it very much. Its a typical city. Smog, cars and builds which are half built. (People seem to earn money then start building and when they run out their houses are half built). Drivers don’t use the flikkers there they use their hooters. Seriously they would give our taxis a run for their money!  Oh, and it gets dark so early! I suppose because it may be December but it is winter there.

That evening we went to Giza to see the Sound and Light show. It was AMAZING!! There is no other way to describe it. I keep on say OMG I just saw the pyramids and the Sphinx and the Valley Temple. The History is so interesting!! Once we got back to our hotel we had supper and just we to bed we were so tierd. Had to be up and about bright and early for our next part of our adventure the next day.

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