Wedding – Honeymoon 10-22 Jan 2016


Day 12

Last night I got sick after eating dinner at Primi. We think it was the food I worded, because it was salmon and wheat pasta.Anyway my tummy was not happy. The worst part was it is Kieron’s birthday and he had to drive 800 km to the border. The night before we decided to ordered breakfast in the room and this morning I couldn’t eat anything. The breakfast was amazing! So much food for two people. Kieron ate most of the food and took two croissants with us on the road. I managed to break one apart and eat that. We left the Hilton to drive to the Orange River and to where we were staying. It started to bucket down again and 40 km from border, half the main road was flooded.

We stayed at Felix United Camp. The road to the camp is tared, but half it was washed away. Half the camp was washed away as well. The road to our rooms, where washed away, so they put us in other rooms further up the bank.

The Nissan Micr

Felix United

Felix United

a Made it. Mikey the Micra.




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