Friday Cederberg – Easter 2013


Woke up to sun for a change!

After breakfast Tam and I went for a walk to the farmhouse to buy a few items. Then half way walking back on the jeep track, my dad picked

My sister getting ready to jump

My sister getting ready to jump


Tammy Mangold swimming

Tammy Mangold swimming

us up to say we are going to walk to the ‘Maalgrat’ mountain pool (which is always freezing!). So we we jumped into the car and went back to get ready.

Walking to the pool was no problem. Tam and Lara actually swam. Walking back my left knee gave out. I was in so much pain! 🙁 I had to hobble back on my mom’s hiking poles. It was so bloody sore.

The rest of the day after lunch I hobbled around. The worst part was walking down hill, that is when the pain would shoot threw me. So I wrote my story and did some studying.

And then I went running, which of course made my leg worse. I did try and rest my knee, which was a laugh because I am so active.

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