Egypt 4 on the boat M/S Ti Ti

Hatshepsut at Deir el-Bahri

Hatshepsut Temple

20/12/2012This morning we worke up at the crack of dawn, which was about 6:00ish! Had breakfast in one of the many fancy restaurants at the hotel. Then at 8:00am went off to see The Valley of the Kings (we saw 3 tombs) in the Valley of the Kings one is not allowed to take photos becasue in case the photos get in the wrong hands and terriots descided to bomb the place. Next we went to see Al-Dier A-Bahari Temple. To be honest I can’t really remember this temple because by this time I was so sick of temples it wasn’t funny anymore! I am sick of tours and I want to be a tour guide!

After touring this morning we went to our boat called M/S Ti Ti to settle in and have lunch. The worst when they started to play the Titanic theme song and then I think they realised that it is like a bad luck song when you are on a Boat. The rest of the day we just chilled on the sun deck and read. My sister, my mom and my brother descided to go for a swim in the pool. While my dad and I just read our books.

Today my marks came out and either I have to email my head of department and ask her for them or wait until we get back to Cape Town. To use the interet on the boat is quite expensive. So I descided  not to and just wait.

Tonight we are going to another Sound and Light Show but this time at Karnak Temple. It feels so late that we are going but it gets dark so early here. The Sound and Ligh Show was amazing! It was a walking tour through the temple and at some stages it got quite freaky! How they projected the pictures were incredable. By the end of the day our tour guide started to annoy me. He was very nice and fun, but it got to me.

That is all I got for today. Tonight and tomorrow we head down the Nile towards the Edfu Temple at Esna and even more lovely temples which our tour guide knows every single detail about what excatly what happend where and how.

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