Wedding – Honeymoon 10-22 Jan 2016


Day 2

We must have woken up at a reasonable good time because the sun was steaming through the curtains. I eventually got up and made tea, we had a shower. We went to have breakfast and came back to our room to pack up. I had to drive through the border post, because it was my car. It wasn’t too far to the South African and Namibian border so I wasn’t too phased. I was still very impressed that my car made it this far.

I drove for a an hour or so and then Kieron took over. He then drove to our overnight stay. Our destination was near the Fish River Canyon. Called the Canon Road house. It was awesome!:) The Fish River Canyon was amazing!! My little car actually made it to the Canyon and back to the Roadhouse on a dust road with a gradient which was good at all!

Fish River Canyon

Fish River Canyon


Canon Roadhouse

Canon Roadhouse


Our room

Our room in Springbok

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