A surprised weekend away to Matjiesfontein


The Lord Milner Hotel


So here is to another adventure I promised you with and this time I had no idea where I was going.

At 3:30 pm after I had finished with an appointment, Kieron and I headed off. Of course this I had no idea where I was going since he wouldn’t tell me and of course bribing didn’t help. Oh, trust me I tried everything!

There are so many towns, it could have been anyone and since I have basically been to every town in the Western Cape, it was hard to tell.

As I saw the town and we started to turn off, I got really excited. I love the Victorian area, so it was perfect. I was quite surprised, he also loves this small town and area.  So when we arrived we checked in and dumped our bags down in our room and we went for dinner. Wow, is the only word I can describe for the awesome fish I had and the vegetables where also amazing! The butternut, wow!!

I am so happy.

The dinning room, feels like one is going back in time. I can just imagine sitting eating dinner with the women who are wearing long elegant evening dresses and the men in suits and top hats making polite conversation.

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