20-22 September 2013 Durban

20-22 September 2013

My latest adventure I flew up to Durban last Friday with my boyfriend, Kieron Thwaites for part of the long weekend (Unfortunately I had to leave on Sunday because I had to study for tests), but it wasn’t really for a holiday. It was for personal reasons including meeting his family. Which to be honest I was kind of nervous about, but they really awesome people. So I didn’t do any blogging or take any photos, because I didn’t think it was right.

The time will come when I will do some blogging again but it will have to be after my tests and even during the holidays. Of course there will be many reasons to go back to Durban (once I have done some saving). Some of my family are still in KZN (family on farms, etc) and of course his family.

Don’t worry I will be blogging again as soon as I go on my next adventure if it is over night or day trip it won’t matter. It is still adventure to tell you about.


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