Durban trip 2015

Day 5 20/1/2015

At around 5;00 am Kieron wakes me up and decides to go early morning game driving before breakfast. I wasn’t too happy about that, but it was worth while in the end becasue we saw some game. It was very misty, raining and the some of the roads where a bit muddy. We managed to get to breakfast before it ended. The rest of the day was farily chilled and around 4:00 pm we drove to a game/bird hide to see aninmals. Unfortuantly there were no animals or birds since the water hole was very dry even though it was still misty and raining. On the way out of the hide we heard a hynea call. It was one of the most scariest things ever, since it sounded quite close to the hide. At last we managed to get back into the car and get back to camp. We showered and got ready to go to dinner. After dinner Kieron dragged me out to the viewing deck which looks out to the rest of the park. It was very dark and misty but it was still very beautiful and could I possibly say romantic? Yes it was. While I was looking at the view I asked Kieron something and when I turned around to face him. He was on his knee. Yes, he asked me to marry him! I was in such shock it took me a while but without a stutter, I said yes! He asked me underneath this tree. It was one of the most romantic things someone has ever given to me or asked me. Trust me I was bouncing up and down all night. I don’t think I barely slept:) 🙂 🙂

I can’t wait to spent the rest of my life with Kieron Thwaites, the love of my life and my best friend.

The tree

The tree


A bufflo in the mist

A buffilo in the mist

DSCN2945 DSCN2953 DSCN2962DSCN2972



DSCN2980 DSCN3006


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