Europe 2014


Day 15

We are going to England and leaving France behind!!

Today we boarded a ferry to Poole (England). We took the train from Caen to Cherbourg to the harbour to board the ferry. While on the train to Cherbourg the weather changed from sunny partly cloudy to misty and raining. We had to wait a while at the harbour to be able to pass security and passport control to be able to board the ferry. To me it looked more like a ship. The ferry can carry passengers and cars as well. The ferry had places to sit and places to eat and look out across the channel. There were quite a lot of children on board.

I actually felt sea sick when crossing the channel and apparently we were having a smooth channel crossing even though it was cloudy and raining. I would hate to know when the channel is actually choppy! I had a good supper of stew. It tasted so good for a ferry’s food. The only food I actually had that day was salad for lunch. I felt too sick to read so luckily the ferry had free WIFI so I managed to get connected, so I could talk to people back home in South Africa.


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