Europe 2014


Day 7

This morning we left the hotel to drop off the car at the car hire and then they dropped off at the airport for our flight to Venice. Landing was interesting for two things I have never flown into Venice and secondly we happened to bump twice when trying to land. That was not a nice experience. After we got off the plane and collected our bags (which didn’t take long because the airport is small. We then went to hire two cars and the idiots who ran the place gave us the smaller car and we were four people.

We drove from Venice for hours and drove through mountain passes, forests and villages, which looked like something from Switzerland and Austria. It seemed like we where in the wrong country. These towns differently had Switzerland and Austrian influence.

After an extra half an hour on the road we finally found the hotel and it feels like I am in a ginger bread house. After a long day in the car we only felt like a toasted cheese for supper.

Here is to another couple of days of adventure in Italy.

River running through Cortina

River running through Cortina

The river is this photo looked exactly like this. It ran quite fast and looked very icy cold. I wouldn’t want to swim in that.

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