Easter Cederberg Day 2 2014

Sandrift Bridge

Sanddrift Bridge




We woke up this morning around 7-8 am. Had breakfast, showered, got dressed and tided up camp. That was around 10:00 am when we started out to the farm house to get permits for Stadsaal and Truitjieskraal for tomorrow. In the end I had to drive to Kromrivier to get both of them. This was an experience, because it was down in a valley and I had never driven down there before. Got the permits and Ron drove back up the pass. There is a problem, when someone comes down when someone is going up or the other way round.

Afterwards we went to Shelia for lunch. Which was awesome, then we saw my dad came walking back early from the hiking party. The rest of the family went on to climb the Tafelberg, mad I know. After lunch Kieron and I went back to chill at camp.

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